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“This Has Gone Way Too Far…”

President Joe Biden’s budget allocates billions of dollars toward advancing “equity” in dozens of government agencies, even as his administration attempts to sell it as a moderate proposal.

Biden’s spending plan mentions “equity” and its derivatives more than 100 times, including in a $48 million allocation for an “equitable National Park System.” With this money, the Department of the Interior “would expand operations at parks that preserve and tell the story of historically underrepresented and marginalized groups.” The State Department will receive $2.6 billion under the plan to “advance gender equity.” The Environmental Protection Agency will receive more than $1.5 billion to “advance racial equity and secure environmental justice for communities.”

With a price tag of $5.8 trillion, the budget displays a commitment to the nebulous left-wing concept of “equity,” which often includes “antiracism” training, explicitly favoring minority job applicants when hiring or direct cash handouts to aggrieved groups.

“Persistent systemic inequities and barriers to opportunity have denied this promise for so many,” the introduction to Biden’s budget reads. “That is why the president has taken historic steps to put equity at the center of his agenda—and why the president assembled the most diverse cabinet in American history to deliver on this government-wide effort.” Read more…

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