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This is How We Smash Critical Race Theory

The idea that government schools teach some things, but not others, and that a government school curriculum is set by government, has never been controversial…

The implication here is that the only real option for conservatives is to attack public education and encourage a larger migration to private schools and home schooling. A state can ban CRT, but if it does, kids are still being taught by the same people who thought CRT for kindergartners was a good idea in the first place. Instead of passing the right law and relying on liberals to teach things more consistent with conservative values, simply transfer money from those liberals to people who would teach something else.

The percentage of kids attending private schools has actually stayed quite stable for decades at around 8%, while home schooling has jumped from around 1.7% to close to 4% over the last 20 years. If you don’t like what’s being taught in schools, the goal should be to change those numbers.

Around 12% of parents have already checked out of the public school system, and that’s while being forced to pay for government schools whether they use them or not. Taking money out of the hands of public education and putting it under the control of parents is the only way to fundamentally change what children are taught. Programs like school vouchers make modest attempts to make non-public options more affordable for certain parents, but no state is anywhere close to putting private schools and home schooling on an equal footing with public schools, and much more can and should be done. Teachers’ unions fight so vigorously against school choice because they know that the only reason many families haven’t already checked out of the system they’ve built is they can’t afford to. Read more…

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