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This is the Fight Conservatives Need to Watch

A little over a week ago, rising Republican star Blake Masters dared to say what so much of the Republican base knows is obvious, but so few of their leaders are willing to say: That a major reason for the Biden administration’s ineffectiveness is its devout belief in hiring based on race, sex, and “LGBTQ+” status rather than ability…

Liberal press outlets immediately recoiled in horror, but Masters doubled down the following day with a declaration of war on the “affirmative action regime.”

…No doubt there are many Republican consultants and so-called “experts” pooh-poohing Masters for going “off-message” and taking aim at such a loaded topic. Doesn’t he realize it’s better to just focus mindlessly on the economy, stupid? Why talk about sweeping issues of critical importance to the American way of life when he could just fuss about higher gas prices and baby formula shortages?

If these consultants exist, they are wrong. Masters’ attack on affirmative is entirely merited and long-overdue. And more to the point, the entire Republican Party should be following Masters into a full-scale war against affirmative action, everywhere in American life. Read more…

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