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This is the Future of American Elections

Like any person who does not watch MSNBC, I’ve long been frustrated by the left’s casual cries of “RACISM!” and “WHITE SUPREMACY!” to shut down any viewpoints it doesn’t want to consider or take time to discuss. It’s a maddening tactic that has pushed countless conservatives outside the so-called mainstream and onto secondary social media platforms and semi-obscurity.

Nick Fuentes, for example, is described as a “white nationalist” by the usual groups and yet when I watch his videos I only see what amounts to a young comedian entertaining people by ridiculing wokeness with edgy political takes. Fuentes, who appears to live with his parents, seems totally harmless and probably wouldn’t exist if the relentless diversity train were not constantly barreling down the tracks of our news and culture. He, like Trump, is a reaction, and at times overreaction, to the left’s extremism.

Similarly, some on the right are now labeling those who oppose legislation prohibiting discussion of sexuality to young children as “groomers.” The sexualization of children is utterly depraved and weird- I have an 8-year-old son with whom I have never talked about sexuality ever and who has no interest in it- but does it go too far to call those who merely oppose this legislation groomers?

With a Department of Justice that encourages potheads to kidnap governors, deems angry parents at school board meetings domestic terrorists, and depicts anyone remotely involved in the January 6 riot (with the exception of FBI informants) as treasonous, why shouldn’t the right employ similarly alarmist tactics? The left is constantly trying to portray anyone on the right as a threat to “democracy” or a fomenter of political violence. Read more…

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