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This is the Left’s Next Plot Against Children

New York parents are sick and disgusted after it was discovered that a video pushing “puberty blockers” was shown to 7th graders at a local middle school without giving them any notification.

This happened at the Shaker Middle School in the North Colonie Central School district of upstate New York. Children were told in the video that if they were confused or unsure of themselves, they should consider puberty blocking drugs that result in severe emotionally and physically debilitating effects. This is part of transgender cult training now being pushed on children nationwide thanks to the prevalence of the LGBT Movement.

“We were shocked when he found out this was being presented to them without our knowledge, and the fact that it was medical information that was being relayed to them with no physician, no doctor present, and these are prescription drugs that are life-altering,” parent Christina Sangiacomo told CBS 6 Albany.

LGBT groomers are defending their indoctrination tactics, arguing that they own the souls of the children and there is nothing parents can do to stop their predatory agenda. Read more…

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