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This is the Question Hanging Over the 2024 Election

Can Governor Ron DeSantis do for the nation what he has done for Florida?

…It’s worth recalling that Florida is very much a purple state electorally. The 2018 Florida gubernatorial election was decided by 30,000 votes. Had the notoriously corrupt Andrew Gillum won Florida, there’s a pretty high likelihood that we’d still all have masks forcibly strapped to our faces. For the sake of Floridians, I’m happy to keep Gov. DeSantis in Florida as long as possible…

As we witnessed with the Trump Administration, sending a reformer to Washington is something akin to naming Jordan Peterson the president of Harvard, and expecting him to fix the entirety of the institutional rot in Cambridge. It’s a task that will be met with full-fledged roadblocks and hostility.

But most importantly, at this point in the age of our republic, there is no “fixing” our federal institutions. They are irreparably broken, and they continue to grow like weeds. Instead, these institutions need to be uprooted, destroyed, and disbanded forever. Read more…

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