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This is Where Our Military Budget is Actually Going

Leonard Glenn Francis is a Malaysian businessman who infiltrated the greatest power on the high seas and built a billion-dollar empire by providing officers with orgies, Dom Pérignon champagne and security paid for by the USA. And, now he’s squealing like a… rat…

“…One of the men, quite drunk by now, opened a case on the desk containing a replica of McArthur’s famous corn-cob pipe and grabbed a woman.”

Fat Leonard, as he came to be known, recalls the scene as follows: “Being warriors, they had been at sea for such a long time – the aviators, your nukes … they’re, uh, captains of ships. They’ve got this inner side of them that is a beast that needs to come out…. We went there and picked up a bunch of karaoke girls and booked them out and brought them back. They are like rockstars. They are living their life – living their dreams – things that they will never ever, ever again do in their lifetime. Nobody would give them that kind of party that I do…. You know, they just started stripping and having sex right there…. The pipe was used as a dildo on the hooker, making a mockery of General McArthur’s memorabilia … they totally desecrated and insulted,” says Fat Leonard, laughing.”

“It was a mass orgy…. That’s how deep we were with the navy…. The entire command — the chain of command – had to be in your pocket. And that’s what happened. Everybody was in my pocket…. I had them in my palm and was just rolling them around.”

As he says in the trailer to the interview, “I had the navy by their balls…. I turned my guns against them because they betrayed me.” Read more…

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