This is Who Dems Are Targeting in Latest Get-Out-The-Vote Scheme

Think high-school-junior-to-Democrat-voter pipeline. That’s the model for this left-wing nonprofit’s latest Democrat get-out-the-vote scheme.

In a fundraising email to its supporters, VoteAmerica — a left-wing nonprofit that focuses on voter registration and turnout — writes that because 50 percent of high school students take either the SAT or ACT, it’s partnering with high schools across the country to register students to vote when they sign up for standardized testing.

“We want students to be directed to futurevoter.com, where they can pledge to register to vote as soon as they turn 18,” the email reads. “Students who join the FutureVoter initiative will receive automated text message voter registration prompts as soon as they turn 18 and will experience comprehensive get-out-the-vote campaigns over their first three elections.” Read more…

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