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This Man is the Brains Behind Biden’s Insanity

Yuval Noah Harari is rightly regarded by the thinking population as one of the most dangerous intellectuals alive.

The World Economic Forum adviser has already won notoriety for his dehumanizing statements, dystopian predictions, and his role in an organization that appears to be hastening their fulfillment (think digital contact tracing to curb disease).

But how can we know people aren’t simply overreacting to a caricature of Harari?

The answer boils down to this question: If, in Harari’s eyes, we are no higher than the animals, and the “vast majority” of the world’s population is now unnecessary, where does that leave us?

In plain sight, he has given us a foreboding clincher to the formula for unbridled tyranny. Harari believes in what is understood to be a fundamental tenet of cultural Marxism: There is no truth, only power. Read more…

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