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This Professor Fought the Pronoun Mafia… and Won

An Ohio professor won $400,000 after suing a university over the academic institution’s demand that the professor use a student’s preferred pronouns.

“The student approached me after class and said that he wanted to be referred to as a female, and I tried to find an accommodation with the student. I was willing to use his proper name, female proper name, and initially the administration was willing to go along with that, but then the administration changed course and demanded that I defer to the ideology, that I refer to the student as a female and I simply could not do that,” Shawnee State University professor Nick Meriwether told “America Reports.”

Meriwether said the university’s demand was an egregious assault on his freedom of speech and religious beliefs.

“I believe that God created men and women, male and female. But also the idea that my speech could be coerced, could be compelled by the administration … The college classroom is to be a place of debate and discussion and freewheeling ideas. The university has no place in telling professors how they are to think with the students. It was a coercion of my freedom of speech.” Read more…

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