This RINO Just Proved Himself the Ultimate Sellout

Aside from dishonoring the Illinois congressional seat to which he was elected by Republicans by failing to vote with the Republican Caucus, instead consistently siding with Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats, the intensity of Kinzinger’s stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome is exceeded only by his desperate desire to trot out to every TV camera he can find and promptly proceed to trash Donald Trump publicly.

The question begs an answer: What else can this guy do to embarrass himself and the office to which he was elected? To further let down his Republican colleagues? To embarrass the voters who elected him?

For starters, how about blasting a former copilot who flew with him in Iraq for having, in Kinzinger’s TDS-riddled opinion, more allegiance to Donald Trump than the U.S. Constitution? Read more…

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