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This Showdown Will Define 2022

Just two decades ago, most Americans worried little about the size and power of Big Tech. They were the most innovative and successful U.S. companies on the world stage, as well as powerful engines for jobs and economic growth, so why interfere? Now, though, Americans know better. It is increasingly obvious that the American people’s freedoms end where the power of tech megacorporations begins.

Superficially, Big Tech is one of the only issues where the right and left of America have some degree of unity: Both dislike Big Tech’s sheer power and would prefer to scale it back.

As a result, there is a good chance that two antitrust bills currently under consideration in Congress will actually pass, instead of going nowhere like the vast majority of legislation. One bill recently passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee, with enough Republican support to be actually bipartisan (as opposed to the fake bipartisanship where two Republicans join a political purge targeted at their own party).

But Americans should not be misled. These two bills are highly flawed, and unless they are improved before passage, instead of fixing the censorship threat of Big Tech they would make it more robust than ever before. Read more…

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