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This State Just Smashed the Left

Arizona passed a bill on Friday which enables the state’s families to use public funds to send their K-12 children to schools of their choosing, including private, religious and homeschool options.

Beginning in the 2022-2023 school year, families who opt out of public education may receive up to $6,500 a year, per child, towards whatever school or curriculum they choose. Under this legislation, which expands the state’s active Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program, eligible students include any “resident of this state who both is eligible to enroll in a public school in this state in any of the following: a preschool program for children with disabilities, a kindergarten program” and “any grades one through twelve.”

An earlier version of the ESA program offered funding for flexible education only to children with disabilities, members of military families, and students whose schools were failing.

“Yesterday’s passage of the most expansive school choice legislation in the nation is a monumental moment for Arizona’s kids and families,” Gov. Doug Ducey posted on Twitter on Saturday. “Our kids will no longer be locked in under-performing schools. Today, their future success is unlocked. With this legislation, Arizona will now be the first state in the nation to offer all families the option to choose the school setting that works best for them.” Read more…

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