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This Trump Ad Just Broke the Internet

Today 45th President Donald Trump released a new campaign-style ad through the Save America PAC that illustrates Joe Biden’s failed withdrawal from Afghanistan, using both clips of Biden speaking to the press and news clips, as well as video from individuals still trapped in Afghanistan as Americans desperately attempt to flee the country to escape the Taliban.

The video features the viral clips of Joe Biden falling while attempting to climb stairs, the horrendous footage of a man falling off a departing American airplane at the Kabul aiport, and horrifying audio and images of individuals trapped in Afghanistan who believe the Taliban “is going to come and kill us.”

It also shows Joe Biden’s woke recruitment and propaganda videos, including a cartoon that appears to show a man wearing a dress on his wedding day, and a short clip of the LGBTQ influencer hired to shill vaccines as the word “failure” is heard. Soon after, Biden says, “Do I bear responsibility? Zero responsibility.” Soon after that, the video cuts to Kamala Harris cackling. Read more…

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