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Thousands of Afghan Terrorists Included as “Refugees”?

As the US began to identify and vet 100,000-plus Afghans evacuated in the Kabul airlift, diplomats sought guidance on claims of sex trafficking of underage girls, while at least 100 people were flagged for possible extremism.

President Joe Biden had declared the Kabul airlift an “extraordinary” success, pointing to 124,000 people extracted from Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover. Fewer than 6,000 were US citizens, however, and most of the Afghans who made it onto the evacuation flights were not the translators who worked with NATO troops or local employees of Western NGOs – many of them remained in Kabul and are currently in hiding.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters on Friday that the administration was “still figuring out” who all the evacuees were, but claimed up to 80% of them were “at-risk” Afghans. Read more…

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