TikTok is Perverting America’s Girls

The race to the bottom to corrupt young girls via social media has reached a new low through the advent of TikTok. Trendy dances are created and widely disseminated in a matter of hours, and millions of girls desperately create their own versions of them in an effort to be seen and liked. They sacrifice innocence and mental stability for attention from strangers that is at best meaningless, and at worst, debauched.

Since TikTok took off in 2019, teenage girls compulsively perform sexy new dances, propping up their iPhones, filming themselves with exaggerated motions and smiles, peppered with practiced smoldering and outright raunchy moves. In between takes they watch and scrutinize themselves until they get “the one,” finally publishing it into the abyss of the internet, hoping it will pop up on enough strangers’ FYPs (For You Pages) to get a decent amount of likes and attention.

This trend has become normalized so quickly that we don’t see it with any clarity. Teenagers are possessed by the mind-numbing activity of scrolling through TikTok, whose brief videos have nuked attention spans. The average American user spends about an hour a day on the site; younger users—as young as 4—spend much more time.

Girls who get a lot of views and followers are held up as models and develop obsessive fandoms. As dance trends get more and more egotistical and suggestive, more girls flock to the site. While not every

dance or trend is an outright simulation of sex, many of the popular song excerpts are extraordinarily explicit, and are accompanied by dance moves that verge on obscenity, with depictions of choking, glorification of anal sex, and celebrations of rape. Read more…

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