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Time to Bust Another Leftist Pro-Trans Lie

People who formerly began gender transition procedures flooded social media with their de-transition stories on “DeTrans Awareness Day,” sharing stories of depression, anxiety, and fear.

The testimonies come amidst national controversy over whether children should be able to obtain such procedures. In Texas, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has drawn fire for calling transgender treatments for children “child abuse.”

Twitter users who spoke out Saturday said that they began taking testosterone as soon as they turned 18. These users, many of whom are biological women, describe how they did not feel that they “fit in” in high school or middle school and sought to find answers on the internet.

“I started taking testosterone at 18 because i was tired of not fitting in with other girls so thought i’d make a better man instead,” tweeted user Allie. “An autism diagnosis later and it all makes sense now.” Read more…

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