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Tone-Deaf: Democrat Party Leader Calls NFL Boycott

The grand wizards of the Democrat Party clearly haven’t learned the lesson laid out for them in their surprise defeat in the 2016 election.

Millions of Americans — including many in the battleground states who had previously voted for Obama — rejected the elitist, top-down, condescension from the DNC and its fearless leader, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

And, on the cusp of the summer vacation season, the Democrats are still signaling they’re not prepared for the November election in which they really, really need to demonstrate to those voters that things are different this time.

Alas, Rep. Keith Ellison, Deputy Chair of the Democrat National Committee, just announced a brilliant idea: let’s boycott the NFL for finally deciding that showing respect for the flag is a good thing.

It only took the loss of a third of their audience before they got the clue. And it’s clearly a clue the DNC still needs to get. Otherwise that so-called ‘blue wave’ will be a little blue trickle, and the GOP will wipe them all over the map…again.

Here’s more from Daily Caller…

Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota called for a boycott of the National Football League over a rule change prohibiting players from kneeling in protest during America’s national anthem.

After controversy marred the 2017–2018 season due to protesting players, the league is requiring players to either stand for the anthem or remain in the locker room until the anthem is over.

The new policy means teams will have to pay a fine if players kneel or sit on the field during the anthem.

Ellison, the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee, called for a boycott of the NFL in a tweet on Sunday.

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