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Top American Doctors Just Committed an Atrocity

An American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) “puberty guide” created for children ages 9-12 teaches them that girls can get erections and boys can experience menstrual cycles.

Promoted by the tax-funded outlet NPR, “You-ology: A Puberty Guide for Everybody” is meant to “take the embarrassment out of growing up.”

…One of the book’s three co-authors, Dr. Kathryn Lowe, told NPR, “We talk about how everybody is different. Breasts can come in all different shapes and sizes. We try to normalize the variety of [ways] the human body goes through puberty and how there is no one right way.”

Lowe is a pediatrician who specifically helps the AAP with “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender health and wellness.” Read more…

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