Top DOJ Official Quit Out of Fear of Russiagate

Last week an announcement was made with many congratulations that the third in charge of the Department of Justice, Rachel Brand, is jumping ship and going to Walmart.

Brand is the latest in a long line of officials at the top of the ladder who have chosen to move into the corporate world.

Her colleagues argued that she had a great opportunity she couldn’t refuse.

But according to internal reports, Brand was under lots of stress since any fallout surrounding FBI collusion and Rod Rosenstein — who may not be around much longer — would fall on her shoulders.

So, in short, she felt the heat and saw the light. Or even shorter: justice.

Here’s more from Hot Air…

There was indeed a “dream job” on the table from Walmart, notes NBC her sudden departure, but it wasn’t just money that was pulling her away from her Justice Department gig. She was being pushed too by the prospect of becoming Trump’s new whipping boy (or girl) if/when Rod Rosenstein was finally cashiered. Were Rosenstein to leave or be forced out, she would succeed him as Bob Mueller’s direct supervisor and begin to enjoy the many perks of that job — incessant criticism in public and private from the president, intense expectations of a blockbuster prosecution by the president’s enemies, a potentially momentous showdown in which the White House demands that she fire Mueller, an equally momentous showdown in which Mueller brings charges against Trump.

If you’re a young lawyer, and Brand is just 44, inheriting the Russiagate probe would be a career-defining — and likely career-ending — development. No matter what she did and how the investigation played out, barring Mueller completely vindicating POTUS and his inner circle, she’d be demagogued. And once that happened, any chance of her becoming Attorney General or an appellate judge in some future Republican administration would be gone. Trump fans wouldn’t forget or forgive if she played a role in causing trouble for their idol.

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