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Trans “Clinics” Exposed as Child Mutilation Mills

In the wake of the National Health Service (NHS) announcing that it would be shutting the controversial Tavistock gender clinic for endangering children, whistleblowers have revealed that children were being put on puberty blockers after just one consultation.

Dr David Bell, one of the first medical professionals to blow the whistle on concerns with the behaviour of medics at the Tavistock Centre with regard to children, has revealed that at least one child was put on life-altering puberty blockers after one consultation.

Dr Bell told The Telegraph that the standard for prescribing such powerful drugs should be “very, very, very, very much higher. It may be possible, in one or two cases, that it has to be done, but the way they’ve been used is totally inappropriate”.

“These were kids who said I’m a girl or I’m a boy and they were affirmed. They took the drugs and they went to opposite sex hormones and they had parts of their body removed, their breasts, their vaginas. Now, as one girl put it to me, ‘I don’t have the body of a man, I’ve got the body of a mutilated woman and that’s what I have to live with’.” Read more…

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