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Trans Grooming Victim Speaks Out

“There’s a concept which I was exposed to a lot while I was transitioning: “testosterone poisoning”. It’s talked about online and in trans spaces, and is pretty common; I’ve seen multiple trans women wearing “I survived testosterone poisoning” t-shirts.

The idea is that, for male-to-female trans people, the testosterone naturally produced by their bodies is toxic. It makes them grow hair, causes their bodies to develop in a masculine direction during puberty, deepens their voices, changes how they smell, increases their libido, and often makes them more aggressive and prone to anger. Later in life, it can cause male-pattern baldness. These changes are upsetting and confusing to many young boys as they enter puberty, but most of them learn to cope with, and even appreciate, the changes that come to their body as they grow into adults.

I didn’t get that chance, and never will.” Read more…

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