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Trans Insanity: “How Can I Trust My Son’s Doctor?”

A new, even more powerful enemy has entered the game: the pediatric industrial complex.

Modern American doctors of all specialties are now aiming for full control over children’s bodies, and not just the ones they are allowed to abort. Pediatricians and plastic surgeons, psychologists and endocrinologists: all are conspiring and colluding to trap your kids on a one-way train to trans land…

A century of institutional trust has been vaporized. Respected medical authorities are revealing themselves as demons complicit in child abuse and grotesque malpractice.

A year ago, I wrote an essay about a trip to the pediatrician where my teenage son was asked, “Are you comfortable with your gender?” This year, I decided to switch doctors, take him to a male this time. I had outsmarted them, I thought. No man would think my son was a girl.

But the office forms wanted me to leave the possibility open. “Child’s gender assigned at birth: male, female, intersex.” Then a second question: “Child’s gender identity: male, female, other.” Read more…

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