Trump Adds 5 Big Names to SCOTUS Pick List

It was a small headline this week that didn’t get much attention amid what we’ll call Gropegate. But it was a massive tell in the Supreme Court poker game.

The White House announced that President Trump has added five big names to his list of potential SCOTUS nominees.

And rest assured they’re all solid conservatives of the same stripe as Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Among them is Amy Barrett, former Notre Dame law professor who was assailed by liberals in the U.S. Senate for being a traditional Catholic in the same vein as former Justice Antonin Scalia, whom Gorsuch replaced.

But the bigger story here is that Trump likely is preparing for a nomination to replace Justice Kennedy ahead of his expected retirement next year.

Remember: Trump predicted he’d get to nominate as many as four or five during his tenure.

Here’s more from Newsmax…

President Donald Trump has added federal appellate Judge Brett Kavanaugh and four other jurists to his list of potential nominees to the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh recently wrote a dissent when his colleagues on the federal appeals court in Washington allowed an immigrant teen in U.S. custody to have an abortion. The 52-year-old Kavanaugh was once a law clerk to Justice Anthony Kennedy.

The other judges added to Trump’s list are two more federal appellate judges, Amy Barrett and Kevin Newsom, and two state Supreme Court justices, Britt Grant of Georgia and Patrick Wyrick of Oklahoma.

Trump adviser Leonard Leo says there is no indication the 81-year-old Kennedy or any other justice is planning to leave the court.

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