Trump Airs Hilarious Video of Biden Slip-Ups at Rally

Former President Donald Trump may be testing the waters for 2024 campaign ads with a video compilation of President Joe Biden stumbling over his words. He took a moment during his rally in Nevada on Saturday to share with the audience a short video, which included music, showing a series of Biden slip-ups.

“We had just a little, quick video made up. Would you like to see it?” Trump said in introducing it. The audience cheered him on. The video included a voice saying, “Let’s get ready to bumble,” in the mold of Michael Buffer announcing his famous catchphrase for wrestling and boxing matches.

After the video aired, the crowd could be heard chanting, “Joe’s got to go!”

Biden often referred to his childhood stuttering on the campaign trail in 2020, and some speculated he still suffers from the affliction. However, Biden insisted it was not the source of his much-publicized verbal stumbles. Read more…

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