Trump: ‘Almost All’ Cabinet Picks Coming Next Week

Donald Trump ended speculation yesterday about the timing of his remaining cabinet appointments when he declared that ‘almost all’ of the remaining posts will be announced next week.

Here’s more from The Hill:

President-elect Donald Trump says nearly all of his remaining Cabinet picks will be announced next week.

“We have tremendous people joining the Cabinet and beyond the Cabinet, so you’ll be seeing almost all of them next week,” Trump told “Fox and Friends” in an interview airing Friday morning.

Trump spoke highly of Mitt Romney, who’s rumored to be in the running for the coveted secretary of State job, saying that he’s been very “gracious” since the presidential election.

The president-elect boasted of the Cabinet members he’s chosen so far, claiming that the group has been highly praised, though many of them are controversial figures.

“You know, we’re getting credit for having one of the great Cabinets ever picked,” he said. “These are people of great distinction, great success, which is what you need. You know, you’re negotiating with people. You can’t have people that didn’t know how to get there.”

Trump on Thursday said he would be picking retired Marine Gen. James Mattis to be his secretary of Defense.

His looming decision on secretary of State has gotten the most attention. In addition to Romney, Trump is reportedly considering former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) and former Gen. David Petraeus.

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