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Trump Blows Past Biden in Latest Poll

The latest polling – from the left-wing establishment, no less – gives former President Donald Trump a whopping 7% lead over incumbent, er, “President” Joe Biden. And even if Trump doesn’t get the nomination for some reason, DeSantis also blows Biden away by 7 points.

And not only is the MAGA Republican frontrunner opening up a formidable lead, but the same Washington Post-ABC News poll shows Biden’s approval rating crashing to the lowest level of his entire term, at 36%. The Post warns:

As he begins his campaign for reelection, President Biden faces substantial and multiple challenges, according to a Washington Post-ABC News survey. His overall approval ratings have slipped to a new low, more Americans than not doubt his mental acuity, and his support against leading Republican challengers is far shakier than at this point four years ago.

The poll was conducted April 28-May 3 – the week following Biden’s pathetic reelection campaign announcement via video. This is not exactly an auspicious start to a presidential campaign. Read more…

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