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Trump Defense Sec. Details January 6 Riot Response

Christopher C. Miller, acting secretary of defense during the last few months of the Trump presidency, will reveal the entirety of his role in protecting the Capitol on January 6, 2021 riots in his new book, Soldier Secretary: Warnings from the Battlefield & the Pentagon about America’s Most Dangerous Enemies.

Miller previously testified about how the Pentagon sought to quell the riots to the January 6 Committee; pieces of his testimony have been released to the press to raise questions about President Donald Trump’s claims that he personally ordered 10,000 troops to be on standby during his speech on the Ellipse. Miller does not expound on this debate in the introduction to his book, which has been provided exclusively to The Spectator World. But he does describe the “histrionic” phone calls he received from House and Senate leadership, the “irony” of Speaker Nancy Pelosi begging for the National Guard after “decrying” its use to put down the George Floyd riots, lambasts the “panic” of politicians during the breach of the Capitol, and promises a tell-all in the pages to come. Read more…

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