Trump Effect: Global Warming Scientists Begin ‘Self-Censoring’

President Trump and key cabinet leaders like Scott Pruitt at the EPA and Rick Perry at the Department of Energy have made it abundantly clear that the notion of anthropomorphic warming of the earth won’t get much hearing in this administration.

So pro-warming scientists are beginning to disguise their writing, especially in grant proposals, to scrub phrases like ‘climate change’ and ‘temperature increases’ in order to reduce the possibility of getting flagged by anti-warming skeptics in the administration.

But that reveals what we already knew about tree-hugging fetishists: it’s always been more a war of words and a gaming of the system to remain on the government teet than real science.

That these folks on the left have increasingly dropped ‘global warming’ in favor of ‘climate change’ was already obvious.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

With both Secretary of Energy Rick Perry and EPA head Scott Pruitt denying that climate change is caused by humans, there has been a noticeable sea change in the way the government interacts with climate change. For example, the EPA’s website has been scrubbed of references to climate change.

NPR states that because of the ideological change of the Trump administration, “Many scientists find themselves in an uncomfortable position. They are caught between environmental advocates looking to recruit allies and right-wing activists who demonize researchers and denigrate their work.”

Speaking to NPR, director of Texas Tech’s Climate Science Center Katharine Hayhoe confessed, “We tend to be quite averse to notoriety and conflict, so I absolutely have seen self-censorship among my colleagues. [They’ll say] ‘Well, maybe I shouldn’t say it that way, because whatever funding organizations or politician or agency won’t appreciate it.'”

If NPR is correct that the federal government is withholding funding to climate change research, I can’t help but wonder how Hayhoe’s colleagues who self-censor feel about having their ruse exposed. Even if climate change is primarily caused by humans, that doesn’t mean that those who disagree can’t read.

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