Trump-Endorsed Dr. Oz Wrote Personal Endorsement of Biden

Dr. Mehmet Oz had great things to say about President Joe Biden. And then he decided he wanted to be a senator.

Going for the Democratic Party nomination in his chosen state of Pennsylvania — to which he has tenuous links, at best — was a bit of a chore, given it was already a crowded field. (Plus, the Democrats already have their own celebrity doctor who dispenses dubious advice: Anthony Fauci.)

Republican, then, it was — and he’s done a good enough job of passing himself off as a credible candidate that he got the endorsement of former President Donald Trump…

However, what happens on social media doesn’t stay on social media, even if you delete it. In this case, Oz didn’t, and it was a veritable love letter to Joe Biden after he was inaugurated as president in 2021. Read more…

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