Trump: Flag Burners Will Lose Citizenship

Trump is off to a big week already with several key cabinet announcements and more to come. He’s also railing against the recounts, the media and now flag burners.

And his plans for them will have leftists’ heads spinning.

Here’s more from Newsmax:

President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday took to Twitter to denounce flag burning, saying it should perhaps result in loss of citizenship or a year in jail.

Trump ostensibly was reacting to the report of students burning a flag at Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass., after his election victory. About 1,000 veterans gathered at the school Sunday to protest the school’s decision to remove all flags after the incident.

The only stumbling block for the president-elect is that flag burning is protected as free speech by the Supreme Court.

The high court ruled in 1989 Texas vs. Johnson by a 5-4 decision that invalidated prohibitions on flag burning.


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