Trump Gets His First Major Victory…Sort Of

It only took ten months, but President Trump finally has his first legislative victory…kinda sorta.

The much-maligned GOP tax reform bill was an on-again-off-again fight for inches over the last month.

And last night it finally passed by a razor-thin margin of 51-49.

However, the bill won’t be sent to Trump’s desk until it goes to conference committee to be hashed out with the House’s version of the bill.

The big problem is the Grand Canyon-sized difference between the two bills.

So it’s anyone’s guess whether the two chambers can come to an agreement on a final version, and worse whether that final version will subsequently pass again out of each chamber.

We’re not putting any money on this Congress to agree on anything.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

Senate Republicans finally got their act together enough to pass an historic tax reform bill that is intended to grow the economy, create jobs, and make American businesses more competitive.

The vote was 51-49, with Senator Bob Corker refusing to vote for the legislation because he said it would add too much to the deficit.

The keys to passage were several last-minute changes to the bill that convinced undecided senators to vote for it.

USA Today:

After winning over last-minute holdouts, Senate Republicans early Saturday approved a massive tax overhaul that provides more than $1 trillion in tax cuts over ten years, revamps corporate and individual tax rates, expands some credits and eliminates some popular deductions.


Other Republicans who were withholding their support as recently as Thursday supported the bill. Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin secured changes that would increase cuts for business owners who pay their taxes on personal rather than corporate returns.

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