Trump: If China Doesn’t Take Care of N Korea, ‘We Will’

In an interview with Financial Times over the weekend President Trump issued his most aggressive language to-date concerning North Korea.

The communist nation has been stepping up its saber rattling in recent weeks vowing to send missiles against the U.S. and our allies.

During the interview Trump promised, should China not take decisive action to stop N. Korea, “we will.”

He will address the issue with Chinese President Xi Jinping this week.

Trump’s first military action could come sooner than we think.

Here’s more from Newsmax…

President Donald Trump said Sunday he was open to the possibility of unilateral action against North Korea, should China fail to join the U.S. in pressuring North Korean leader Kim John Un over the nuclear threat his regime poses.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Trump said he would discuss the issue at his Florida resort later this week in his first meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“China has great influence over North Korea. And China will either decide to help us with North Korea, or they won’t,”¬†Trump said in the Oval Office. “If they do, that will be very good for China, and if they don’t, it won’t be good for anyone.

“Well if China is not going to solve North Korea, we will,” Trump added. “That is all I am telling you.”

Trump continued that it was “totally” possible for the U.S. to act unilaterally, but when pressed what that could mean, he responded, “I don’t have to say any more. Totally.”

The White House viewed North Korea as “the most imminent threat” to the U.S. following warnings from former President Barack Obama over gains North Korea had made in long-range missiles and nuclear weapons, according to The Financial Times.

Trump has not held back in criticizing China over their economic and trade policies, but indicated ahead of the U.S.-China meeting that he thought he could find common ground with the Chinese president.

“I have great respect for him. I have great respect for China. I would not be at all surprised if we did something that would be very dramatic and good for both countries, and I hope so,” Trump said.

After taking office, Trump asked the National Security Council to put together a list of options which he could take to his meeting with the Chinese president, according to two sources. Those include sanctions to more covert activities.

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