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Trump Makes Explosive Endorsement for RNC Chair Role!

Former President Donald Trump is reportedly gearing up to endorse Michael Whatley, the current North Carolina GOP Chair, as the successor to Ronna McDaniel in leading the Republican National Committee (RNC), according to a Republican insider. Additionally, Trump is expected to throw his support behind Lara Trump, his daughter-in-law, for the position of RNC co-chairwoman. These endorsements align with Trump’s ongoing influence within the Republican Party and his desire to shape the RNC’s leadership.

As part of this anticipated reshuffling, Trump is set to advocate for Chris LaCivita to become the chief operating officer of the RNC. LaCivita, who is already serving as the co-campaign manager for the Trump campaign, would split his time between Trump’s headquarters in Palm Beach, Florida, and the RNC offices in Washington, D.C. The move signals Trump’s intent to integrate the RNC closely with his political machinery, marking a departure from the dynamics observed in the 2016 and 2020 elections.

While Trump’s endorsement carries weight, the final appointments will be subject to a vote among RNC members. Nevertheless, the alignment of party members with Trump’s preferences is anticipated, potentially making the vote a formality. The proposed changes are expected to take effect once the new RNC Chair, succeeding Ronna McDaniel, assumes the role. The timing coincides with McDaniel’s potential departure after the South Carolina primary on Feb. 24.

Chris LaCivita, a former executive director of the Virginia GOP, brings experience from consulting with the RNC during the 2016 election. His primary focus, if appointed, will be on directing the committee’s efforts toward crucial battleground states. The strategic integration of the RNC and Trump’s campaign machinery underscores the former president’s desire for a cohesive and aligned approach, minimizing any potential rift between the party and his political apparatus.

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