Trump Names Hard Core Pro-lifer to Key HHS Post

Liberals are apoplectic this week after President Trump named a key pro-life leader to a top post at the Department of Health and Human Services.

Recall this is the same department that Obama used via Kathleen Sebelius to press his radical pro-abortion agenda.

Now Trump has started to reverse that reality.

Charmaine Yoest will now serve as Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs having served formerly as President for Americans United for Life.

NARAL and Planned Parenthood are foaming at the mouth.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Yesterday, President Trump appointed a strong pro-lifer, Charmaine Yoest, as Assistant Secretary of HHS for Public Affairs.

Charmaine Yoest, tapped to be assistant secretary of public affairs, is a senior fellow at American Values. She is the former president of Americans United for Life, which has been instrumental in advancing anti-abortion legislation at the state level to restrict access to the procedure.

AUL’s website — which states that the group offers state lawmakers 32 different pieces of model legislation to restrict access to abortion — characterizes Yoest as “public enemy #1” for abortion rights organizations.

Yoest’s appointment does not require Senate confirmation, which is too bad because we could sell PPV tickets to the confirmation.

After the announcement the left went completely batty on Twitter…

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 7.43.46 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 7.44.49 PM

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