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Trump Predicts China Meeting: ‘Biden Seen as Feeble Politician’

Former President Donald Trump delivered a scathing critique of President Joe Biden’s foreign policy during a campaign rally in Claremont, New Hampshire. Trump, the leading contender for the GOP, criticized what he perceives as a decline in global security under the current administration, emphasizing Biden’s alleged “weakness” that adversaries like Chinese President Xi Jinping could exploit. With Biden scheduled to meet Xi at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, Trump warned of a “feeble and compromised” U.S. president on the international stage.

Trump asserted that under Biden’s leadership, America’s adversaries perceive weakness and foolishness among its leaders, leading to increased global instability. He accused the current administration of causing danger, death, destruction, war, chaos, and bedlam worldwide. The former president framed the upcoming election as crucial for avoiding a third world war, emphasizing his own foreign policy record and the respect he claims the nation garnered during his term.

The rally served as a platform for Trump to caution against potential conflicts and advocate for a strong and decisive leader. He urged voters, regardless of political affiliation, to support him if they wished to prevent their sons and daughters from being drafted into foreign wars and to protect the nation’s economy. Trump reinforced his commitment to responding robustly to any harm against Americans, warning adversaries that the U.S. response would be proportional to any attack.

The meeting between Biden and Xi, scheduled for the APEC summit in San Francisco, remains a focal point, with Trump portraying Biden as ill-equipped to handle the diplomatic challenges. As the details of the meeting are finalized, potential topics of discussion include Chinese aggression toward Taiwan and Xi’s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump’s remarks underscore his narrative of restoring “peace through strength” and present a conservative perspective critical of the current administration’s approach to international relations.

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