Trump Rejected: Roy Moore Defeats Luther Strange ‘Bigly’

President Trump’s string of near-misses came to an abrupt end last night in the Alabama primary election between state Senator Luther Strange and Judge Roy Moore.

It’s an irony not lost on many insiders that Trump has managed to beat back Democrat attempts to derail his presidency but couldn’t help his man win in a GOP primary.

Roy Moore was the clear conservative favorite over establishment-backed Strange who also has a history of ethical lapses.

Strange would have added another vote to Mitch McConnell’s do-nothing Senate cadre, content with putting up no fight against Democrat big-government largesse.

Last night’s victory serves as a reminder that the populist, anti-elite sentiment is still going strong into 2018.

Here’s more from Redstate…

As a result of the dismal job approval numbers of Donald Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress, the special election season of 2017 is proving to be a reliable indicator of the difficulties facing the GOP establishment heading into 2018. Still, that hasn’t kept Trump and his swamp-dwelling buddies from targeting “disloyal to Trump” conservatives in the special elections.

Even after “closer than they should have been” special elections in Kansas and Georgia, Trump and McConnell continued to target conservatives. During the first round of the GOP primary in Alabama last month, Trump and Company spent enormous amounts of money and political capital to defeat Representative Mo Brooks as they endorsed ethically challenged Luther Strange.

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