Trump Takes Friendly Fire from Sen. Sasse on Guns

Though CNN, the anti-gun left, and the Democrat Party (which is redundant, we know) may be overplaying their hand after the Florida shooting, the silver lining for them is the intra-party warfare on the GOP side.

After President Trump conceded a number of possible gun regulations to ameliorate the anti-gun lobby, largely redstate Republicans are taking issue with the notion that either their constituents or the NRA will be ‘fine’ with it.

Sen. Ben Sasse fired back at Trump yesterday arguing, “Strong leaders don’t automatically agree with the last thing that was said to them.”

This fight does not portend good things for law-abiding gun owners.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska doesn’t mind calling out President Donald Trump when he disagrees with him, and Trump’s comments on guns yesterday are no exception.

As we’ve previously noted, in a meeting with Republican legislators over the issue of guns, Trump ad-libbed his thoughts on possible gun control measures that are not only out of step with his Republican base, but also a completely devoid of any care for the Constitutional right of due process.

Sasse’s comments were swift, pointed, and completely right.

Luckily, it seems most Republicans in Congress were as taken aback as Sasse, and Trump’s ideas will probably never become policy during his presidency. But, the fact that Trump made the comments at all should worry his supporters.

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