Trump Threatens Executive Action Against Congress on Obamacare

Remember when Obama threatened to go around Congress with an executive order by using his ‘pen and a phone’?

Well now President Trump is threatening something similar.

And it’ll be interesting to see how deep the hypocrisy gets when liberals and the media start lighting him up for being a ‘dictator’ and/or a ‘fascist’.

Having made his contempt for the rogue three Republicans joining Dems to kill the Obamacare repeal, he’s taking aim via Twitter both at Congress and insurance companies over their bailouts.

Though he didn’t provide details, this could mean he tries to kill the subsidies and exemptions to lawmakers and insurance companies as a populist pushback against the ‘move on’ approach to Obamacare.

And at least one Democrat is already calling it a ‘threat against Congress’.

Well, yes, that is what it is. Get ready for a fight.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

President Trump is taking a more populist approach to health care in the wake of congressional Republicans’ inability to repeal-and-replace Obamacare — putting both insurance companies and Congress on notice for being exempt from the unpopular law.

Trump took to Twitter on Monday to ask why Obamacare, which he said is “hurting people,” isn’t also hurting insurance companies and congressional lawmakers.

The move appears to mark a new approach to the healthcare debate from the president. Up to now, Trump had by-and-large rallied behind the typical Republican approach of repeal-and-replace — although he had also flirted with the option of letting Obamacare “implode” so as to bring Democrats to the negotiating table.

Although he did not make any major speeches on the topic in the same way Obama did when selling ObamaCare, he was active in calling and lobbying on-the-fence lawmakers in bringing them on board in support of the bill. In particular, Trump was credited with helping push the American Health Care Act through the House in May.

But as the Republican-led effort crumbled last week in Congress, with multiple efforts to scrap Obamacare crashing against the rocks, Trump appears to be reconnecting with his populist base and turning his ire not only on Congress, but also the insurance companies.

The vote on a “skinny repeal” failed Friday after three Republicans — Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Susan Collins (R-ME), and John McCain (R-AZ) — defected and voted against the measure. Previous votes, including a vote for a flat-out repeal, also failed.

In the wake of that vote, Trump accused those who voted against the bill of having “let the American people down.”

On Sunday, Trump followed up again, tweeting that he wanted to end the “bailouts” of insurance companies and promising that they will end “very soon.”

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