Trump: ‘Time for Action’ for Wall Funding

President Trump used Thanksgiving vacation to underscore the need for border security legislation. POTUS took to Twitter to argue, “Fix the order, for one and for all, NOW!” He told reporters that a partial shutdown could happing if his border security proposals are resisted. The migrants push along the border with Mexico is pouring gasoline on the fire of the debate over a wall. Our bet is on Democrats in the House to stonewall [pun intended], setting up the 2020 fight.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

President Donald Trump urged Republicans and Democrats to come together to pass border security legislation.
“After 40 years of talk, it is finally time for action,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Fix the Border, for once and for all, NOW!”

The president indicated that he wants the package to include funding for his long-promised wall on the southern border.

On Thanksgiving, Trump told reporters that a partial government shutdown over security funding may happen if Democrats continue to resist his border security proposals.

“The wall is just a part of border security, a very important part, the most important part,” he said. “But could there be a shutdown? There certainly could, and it will be about border security.”


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