Trump to Decide on Mueller Interview in 10 Days

Rudy Guiliani is playing smart hardball with Mueller’s gang of prosecutors. What looks to outsiders as a loose strategy of hemming and hawing is in reality a move to continue playing up the fact that Robert Mueller’s investigation is deeply unpopular with voters. And the longer it drags out, the more voters will factor it into their decision-making at the ballot box in November. According to Rudy’s latest prediction, Trump will decide whether to interview with the special counsel in the next ten days, but the actual interview may not happen until mid-September. Meanwhile, the GOP’s own investigation into FBI collusion will ride those coattails. In other words, the FBI that colluded against Trump’s election may unwittingly ensure he retains control of Congress.

Here’s more from Hot Air…

The headline: “Giuliani: Trump to decide on Mueller interview ‘in the next couple weeks’.”

No, wait, I’m sorry. That’s a headline from May 24.

Today’s headline: “Giuliani: Trump to make Mueller sit-down call within 10 days.”

This live-action sitcom we’re all living in is wonderfully entertaining and inventive, but like any long-running show, it’s destined to recycle plot lines eventually.

“I think our decisions will get made in the next week to 10 days,” Giuliani told POLITICO, noting that Trump intends to reside at his property in Bedminster, New Jersey until mid-August…

“We don’t want questioning on obstruction. They would have to concede that,” he said. “It depends on how much they want his testimony on the other [topic].”

A decision about a presidential interview by the middle of the month would help keep Mueller on track for a possible report on the obstruction-related plank of his investigation by September, Giuliani said.

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