TRUMP: ‘We Have Something That Will Cure’ COVID-19

President Trump appeared Friday on Rush Limbaugh’s nationally syndicated talk show and declared “we have something that will cure” COVID-19.

The president was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Oct. 1, and the next day was taken to Walter Reed National Medical Center, where he was treated with antibody drugs. Trump was among fewer than 10 people who were able to access the Regeneron cocktail under “compassionate use” rules, and he was discharged from the center on Sunday.

“I was in not great shape” when he was admitted to Walter Reed last week, Trump told Limbaugh. “But we had a medicine that healed me,” he added. “I might not have recovered at all without the Regeneron cocktail.”

“This is a cure. Call it what you want, it’s a cure. I’m talking to you today because of it,” the president said. “This is a total gamechanger.”

“People are going to get immediately better, like I did,” Trump said, adding the treatment could save “hundreds of thousands” of Americans’ lives. “A day later, I was fine,” Trump said. “This is better than the vaccine, and it’s going out as we speak. This is the greatest of them all if it works out,” Trump added.

Trump said he is actively working to get the coronavirus antibody drug developed by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc and Eli Lilly and Co approved quickly and out to hospitals after his treatment. “We’re sending that to all our hospitals. This is stuff that’s so good it wiped out the virus,” he said. Read more…

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