Trump’s DOJ Still Defending Obama’s Contraception Mandate

Regardless of the ongoing tumult in the Trump administration, there have been a surprisingly large number of reversals of the Obama-era edicts from the executive branch.

One of those is Trump’s support of the Little Sisters in the Supreme Court case against Obama’s HHS mandate.

After the Court vacated a lower court’s ruling, Trump stood in the Rose Garden to congratulate them on their victory.

But the Department of Justice under President Trump continues to press the issue on this and other similar cases despite his very public position against the mandate.

And the reason is obvious: In contradiction of AG Sessions’ position against the HHS mandate, Obama holdovers in the DOJ continue to press their old boss’s agenda.

That means one thing: it’s time to finish cleaning house, Mr. President.

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Advocates for religious liberty are dismayed that little has changed with respect to the Obamacare contraceptive mandate, even after President Donald Trump signed a religious freedom executive order earlier this year.

“I believe the president is committed to religious freedom and that Attorney General [Jeff] Sessions is a good man. But their goals simply haven’t played out,” Douglas Wilson, CEO of the Catholic Benefits Association, told The Daily Signal.

The Supreme Court punted on the Little Sisters of the Poor’s religious liberty case against the Obama Department of Health and Human Services, though broadly gave the Catholic charity a victory in vacating lower court rulings and asking that parties submit proposals to settle the situation.

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The Catholic Benefits Association, which was begun in 2013 and represents 1,000 Catholic employers, won a preliminary injunction lawsuit against the Obama administration rule in the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver.

The Justice Department appealed that ruling and has refused to drop the appeal. As recently as July 31, it filed a motion to keep the appeal moving forward. The motion referred to unspecified regulatory resolution that the administration was trying to reach.

However, the Department of Health and Human Services had already presented a draft regulation to the White House Office of Management and Budget in May that concluded the Obama-era contraception mandate was illegal and not necessary to protect women’s health, Wilson noted in a letter to Trump. The draft regulation has never been implemented.

“It’s an Obamacare rule, but this particular regulation came out of the HHS and could be overturned by the administration,” Wilson said.

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