Trump’s First Big Ad Buys In Midterm Elections Revealed

A PAC supported by former President Donald J. Trump has officially entered the 2022 midterm election ad market in support of Republican Senate candidates in both Ohio and Pennsylvania, according to Politico.

Per the D.C.-area paper, MAGA Inc., has purchased more than a quarter of a million dollars in ads in Columbus and Cleveland. AdImpact, which provided the numbers for Politico, also noted that the PAC has bought $135,650 worth of ads placed in Pittsburgh.

During each state’s GOP primary, Trump endorsed Dr. Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania and JD Vance in Ohio. Both political outsiders won their contest and are now battling Democratic opponents in the general election.

In Pennsylvania, several polls show that Democratic candidate Lt. Governor John Fetterman’s lead over Oz is narrowing. Emerson Polling revealed that Fetterman had a five-point lead in June, but that has since shrunk to just two points. Read more…

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