Trump’s Team Now Worth $12 Billion

Donald Trump is taking on quite a bit of criticism both from the left and the right with his recent picks for his cabinet.

Having pledged to “drain the swamp”, the 45th president’s cabinet is now worth a total estimated $12 billion after his selection of Goldman Sachs CEO Gary Cohn as chief economic adviser.

Here’s more from Newsmax:

Donald Trump’s administration, already seen as the wealthiest in modern history, is about to get even richer when Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s Gary Cohn is named the president-elect’s chief economic policy adviser.

Cohn, the firm’s chief operating officer and once considered the heir apparent to Chief Executive Officer Lloyd Blankfein, was said to be Trump’s top selection for the post. He would walk away from Goldman Sachs with $266 million of stock and awards amassed during more than a quarter century at the investment bank, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

And he’s not even close to being among Trump’s wealthiest.

Already Trump and his announced nominees are worth more than $12 billion. That includes Wilbur Ross, the private equity titan with a $2.9 billion net worth, who has been nominated for commerce secretary and Betsy DeVos, for secretary of education.

Her father-in-law Richard DeVos has a net worth of $4.8 billion, thanks mostly to his ownership of direct-seller Amway, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

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