Truthful Gaffe: Biden Says 56% of Americans “Probably Shouldn’t” Vote for Him

With just weeks to the election, Joe Biden finally said something that we can agree with.

Biden was asked about a new Gallup poll, which found that despite a global pandemic, 56% of Americans say they’re still better off today under President Donald Trump than under Obama. This bodes well for Trump, because when Obama was seeking reelection in 2012 only 45% said they were better off under him than the prior administration, and for George W. Bush seeking reelection in 2004 47% said they were better off.

Cincinnati’s WKRC Local 12 reporter Kyle Inskeep cited that Gallup poll, and asked Biden during an interview “Why should people who feel that they’re better off today under a Trump administration vote for you?”

“Well if they think that, they probably shouldn’t,” Biden responded.

Biden certainly is right that most people shouldn’t vote for him – I just think the percentage that shouldn’t is 100%, not 56%.

While this is obviously one of his daily gaffes – it’s nice to see him tell the truth. Even by accident. Read more…

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