Tucker: Biden’s FBI Targeting Conservatives

Friday on FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson reiterated his skepticism of the FBI and its handling of the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill.

Carlson pointed to examples of where the FBI had not been truthful in the past and asked why media outlets like CNN were so trusting of it regarding the January 6 investigation.

The FNC host said the FBI’s approach to what it is referring to as domestic terrorism endangers civil liberties and democracy in America.

Transcript as follows:

CARLSON: Way back in the fall of 2017, CNN — believe it or not — ran a pretty interesting piece on its website. We read it. It was the story of a pizza delivery driver from Dearborn Heights, Michigan called Khalil Abu Rayyan.

At the age of 21, Rayyan found himself deeply depressed and contemplating suicide. He poured out his feelings to strangers on the internet as so many young people do. He posted pictures of himself at one point with a rifle and then he suggested he might want to wage jihad.

When he did that, out of the blue, he got a response from a woman he had never heard of called Ghaada. The two never actually met in person, but over time, a very intense relationship developed.

Ghaada professed her love for Rayyan. They courted online for weeks and then one day, Ghaada stopped writing. She simply disappeared. And then a new woman took her place, this one began texting Rayyan, too.

Her name was Jannah. Jannah was not interested in romance, Jannah wanted to wage violent jihad. She told Rayyan that if he planned to kill himself, he might as well kill some infidels along with him. Quote: “When it’s jihad or when it’s based on our creed or cause, that’s the only time Allah allows it.” That’s what she wrote.

Eventually, Rayyan admitted to Jannah that he had fantasized about killing people in a church near his pizza shop, though he stressed that he would never actually do it. In fact he encouraged Jannah not to hurt anyone.

Days after he wrote that, the FBI swooped in and arrested Rayyan, and that’s when he learned that the women he’d been texting with didn’t exist. Ghaada and Jannah were fake. They were pure creations of the FBI. Read more…

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