Tucker Carlson Explains Why Democrats Desperately Cling to Censorship

I’m going to intentionally bury the lede, beginning with this question:

As Elon Musk takes command of Twitter, what’s really behind the left’s apoplectic meltdown? The short answer is that the left’s continuing hissy fit goes far beyond Musk and Twitter.

Sure, Musk on day one began making sweeping changes at the social media darling of the left, including firing the entire board and making himself sole director, but the left’s histrionics about “the end of democracy in America” and other such nonsense points to something more – something far more ominous in the eyes of terrified Democrats across the fruited plain, as Rush Limbaugh fondly referred to America.

That “something more” begins with the left’s stark realization that Musk’s acquisition of Twitter – and Musk is far from a conservative, mind you – is the first breach of the left’s monolithic death grip on social media. Read more…

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