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Tucker Carlson Is About to Go to War With Fox News

After being abruptly taken off the air from Fox News in late April, Tucker Carlson has been rather mum about his next move. He’s got plenty of outstanding offers from networks waiting for him to be released from his contract, and it looks like he’s about to give the top brass at the network major headaches.

According to a new report, Carlson is attempting to get out of his contract, which binds him to Fox News until January 2025, so that he can move on to the next phase of his career. To achieve this, he intends to make Fox News executives’ lives extremely difficult.

Tucker Carlson is reportedly planning to rally supporters to pressure Fox News into releasing him from his contract so that he can work for or create a right-wing competitor to Fox News. A source told Axios that Carlson “knows where a lot of bodies are buried, and is ready to start drawing a map.”

Now Carlson has hired a prominent Hollywood lawyer for the contract dispute and is reportedly plotting to create his own media empire. Read more…

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