Tucker Takes Lindsey Graham to the Woodshed

Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for the neoconservative lawmaker’s dishonesty about the Afghanistan war effort for years.

“Kabul fell in a day. The President in Afghanistan, the college professor, got on a plane with the cash and left, and most of us were really surprised by this because for 20 years, the foreign policy establishment and its many lickspittles in Congress have assured us that everything was fine. We’re building democracy. We’re doing a great job. That’s what our trillions were buying,” Carlson said on his eponymous show Tuesday night.

“What do those people have to say now? What does Lindsey Graham have to say about that? At some point when we get a little time in the next week, we are going to put together a montage of Lindsey Graham talking about how great Afghanistan is for the last twenty years, and ask him, like: ‘Did you believe it when you said this?’ He’s always welcome on the show to explain. Maybe he’ll come,” he added. Read more…

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